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Healthy Happy Hour!

Didn’t think there was such a thing? Well, I’m here to prove that you can indulge without breaking your calorie bank, or your money bank!

First stop, Arch Rock Fish where we each ordered a $3 green salad (not on the happy hour menu but still a great deal- and you get your veggies in!), $2 oysters and a shared spicy tuna and salmon roll for $6- 2 pieces each. No booze, just water. Not bad right?

Then my friend and I proceeded on bike to our next stop, Enterprise Fish Co. for this delectable ahi poke for just $5.95 and a few more oysters at just $1 apiece. I also had two Amstel Lights at just 95 calories each and rode my bike home feeling perfectly content in that wonderful, I’m-so-happy-I-didn’t-stuff-my-face-this-time sort of way.

To sum it up, opt for appetizers that are high in protein and vegetables, and keep it to 2 drinks max (light beer or clear liquor with soda water are your best bets) for a guilt free good time!

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